The 5 Ways To Sell Your Vehicle For Top Dollar

When it comes to classics, you have 5 options when you want to sell. 

1) You can advertise on your own. You can put your vehicle on free websites where you will not get the action your car or truck deserves, or you can pay way more than you should on all of the premium sites.

2) You can bring your vehicle to any of the major auction houses. Auction houses are great if you are willing to spend your hard earned money on transport, lodging, and on your entry fee. Now, if you hit your reserve or it is a no reserve auction you will also have to pay the industry standard 10% with a reserve or 5% without a reserve.

3) You can bring a broker into the picture. Brokers will advertise your vehicle, however nine out of ten times they will cut corners due to the fact that they are taking 8-10 % of the sale price and they sign you to a  lifetime contract. 

4)  Consignments, there are show rooms in just about every major city in the United States that would be willing to take your vehicle. Most consignment companies will charge a monthly cost in order to keep it waxed and in good showing condition. These show rooms will also be pleased to take approximately 10% of the sale price.

5) You can trust America's #1 rated classic automotive marketing firm for a one time flat rate fee until your vehicle is sold. We will have one of our appraisal experts dig into the details and find an appropriate starting price. In order to ensure that you will get top dollar in the current market, we will put your vehicle where it needs to be seen for the sale. Coming soon.

We at Auto Market King are proud to announce that we will be launching auction software in the near future. which is expected to be available in the fall of 2019


What Makes Us Different

 The idea of Auto Market King first started while dealing with another firm, they cut corners and were very unorganized leading to unhappy clients. Enough was enough, rather than being unorganized and talking to ten different people who will never have an answer, we offer a 1 on 1 experience while providing the best car and truck advertising on the web. Having your own Market Development Manager means that you will always speak to someone who knows you, and knows your vehicle. Your classic cars and trucks have never been represented like this before.  

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